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Applicant management


I find applicant management is very difficult when trying to call through my applicant list about a property that isn't on Rezi yet (for example, a property that we might be trying to get a one off viewing on that isn't on the market with us yet or one that we're trying to win from another agent).

When you bring up the list of applicants in their grades, it would be hugely helpful if we could 'sort' them in price order - ie: lowest to highest. This was a feature of dezrez that was extremely handy when phoning out from the applicant list rather than matching clients from the property itself.

Also.... we have 4 branches and sometimes an applicant (lets say Mr Smith) is put onto the system by Steph in the Bourne office. 'Mr Smith' may also be looking at properties through our Market Deeping branch and so an additional search is added onto his property card, for example, in Simons name, for this branch. Soooo, if Simon brought up his list of applicants (not via a property, but by grade), Mr Smith would not show up in his list of clients actively looking for property - 'Mr Smith' would only come up in Stephs list of applicants. This means that clients can be missed/not contacted as they aren't coming up in the list.

I hope that both of these things make sense (sorry for waffling on!). It would make my day if these were things that could be looked at and done. 

Thanks so much!

Catherine :)