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New Energy Performance Certificates

I have today spoken with a company who carry out the Energy Performance Certificates. They have informed me that the certificates have now changed and they no longer test for the EIR rating. There is also a new certificate along with a new government EPC website where the certificates are produced/stored. 

The rezi template will need to be updated to coincide with the new certificates and  in order for us and other agencies to generate the epc on rezi for our brochures/literature. So possibly take away the EIR graph and only show EER graph. I have attached the email and a screen print to show where this now affects ourselves and others using rezi.  I hope this makes sense, if you need more information or clarification please feel free to contact me via email. Please note I am currently working from home, so not contactable on the normal number, however my colleague Phil who is on the office will also be able to help. Thanks.