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tenants and buyers off the live applicant system

hello good morning,

i found out yesterday that all previous tenants that have lived and moved out of our properties and current tenants that are living in our properties stay as active applicants registered on the system. this means when i send out new properties to all my live applicants, they are still on there so they receive the new proeprty alert. which is completely irrelevant to them. when a tenant is linked to a property as offer accepted, their search should stop. their property search should be taken off or they should be taken off as an active applicant because they no longer are. i am really shocked this is not already an active feature. i now have a mamoth task of going through around 600 applicants and deleting all the previous and current tenants.

this is also the same for sales. and they have nearly 2000 applicants

please can you add this on to the system ASAP