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Unconfirmed Viewings


Is there a way a text vendor option can be added to an unconfirmed viewing/appointment?

When we call a vendor to confirm an appointment, if they don't answer or if they were unreachable our previous system allowed us to send a pre populated text asking them to call us to confirm the appointment.

i know we can manually write the text but it would be much quicker and avoid mistakes if a button appeared next to confirm appointment, cancel viewing or save for later for "text vendor" that we can just click and send the appointment details so when they call us back they already know why we were calling them?

The example text we would send would be:

"Please call (agent name) on (agents telephone number) to confirm a viewing for your property (insert first line of address) on (insert date & time) Thank You

When things are really busy this really helps with confirming appointmetns
Thank you